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There is no doubt that we all need vegetables. Vegetables are rich in fibre, minerals, vitamins, and even some important phytochemicals. But they are low in calories. Some may think that they are unable to get required nutrition level only with vegetables.  But you can add sneaking veggies into meals and enhance both the taste and the nutrition. In this article we are heading into some tips to enjoy sneaking veggies into meals.

sneaking veggies into meals

1 Add veggies to your favorite dishes.

You can top up some veggies to your favorite dish. Some zucchini slices into Lasagna or toast tomato into the omelet. You can also add stir broccoli florets into macaroni and cheese.

2. Have raw vegetables.

Another way to add sneaking veggies into meals is raw vegetables. Raw vegetables can give more strong taste than cooked one. And also, their nutrition level gets high. You can have broccoli, cauliflower, spinach or cabbage.

3. Have it as juice.

You can try some carrot juice in your breakfast. If the taste doesn’t match with you, you can mix carrot with fruit such as orange to make it sneaky.

4. Vegetable sauce

Tomato sauce is a well-known veggie sauce we all eat. Let’s try some more veggie sauces with our diet. You can also add more carrot, squash, peppers or onions. If someone may think on adding sneaking veggies into meals, this is one solution.

5.  Make vegetarian sandwiches

You can replace some veggies like corn, onions, spinach for classic chicken and cheese sandwich. Cutting such amount of cheese may also reduce both calories and saturated fat. What do you think some vegetables with melted cheese between two slices of bread? It enhances the taste as well as the nutrition.

6. Let’s make soup

One of the best ways to add vegetables into your diet is with soup. Embellish canned or fresh soup with added veggies. You only have to add vegetables when you heat or cook the soup.

7. Try some sneaky vegetable salad

Fill your salads with more vegetables. You can add cucumber, carrot, green beans, onions, and radish which have strong taste.  And also, tomato, zucchini or spinach leaves instead of lettuce.

8. Sneak them as grilled veggies.

You may think that you can only grill meat or fish. It’s wrong, you can also try some grilled vegetables for your dinner. You can use same marinade you are using for the meat. Another sneaky way is to make vegetable kebob with some vegetable like carrot, bell pepper, mushroom, zucchini and many more. Even though some soft vegetable won’t need precook, it is better to steam or microwave some vegetables like sweet potato before grilling.

9. How about veggie pasta or noodles?

You can add extra veggies like spinach and mushroom into your spaghetti plate.  Use spiralizer tool to create zucchini, squash or cucumber noodles. This is a perfect way to and sneaking veggies into meals. All these diets are low in carbs and higher in nutrition.

10. Add greens to smoothies

Smoothies are famous food in breakfast. Let’s add a handful of spinach well with any fruit smoothie. Mix milk, frozen banana, spinach and almond butter to make a fantastic smoothie.

11. Sneaky vegetables in scrambled eggs

Veggies and scrambled eggs are a perfect match for your breakfast. This addition of veggies doesn’t change the texture of eggs. You can add broccoli or cauliflower to enhance the taste of scrambled eggs. This may add very little amount of fat and in the same time high number of vitamins.

12. Try some veggie pizza

Pizza is a great vehicle for a huge pile of vegetables. You can use any vegetable as a pizza topping. Instead of traditional cheese, sauce, add some spinach, tomato or root vegetable to make veggie pizza.


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