Are you a proud expecting mom? Then morning sickness is not an alien term for you. You might have faced it many times. Do you know what you can do to control it or feel yourself back again? Keep reading! Being a mom is the most divine profession of all. It is not easy and always a challenge is peeping round the corner. The journey of motherhood is a sacred and a pure one. But it definitely is filled with various challenges. It is not some easy and a cozy one. Morning sickness when being an expecting mom is a common thing for a lot of women out there. The causes of morning sickness is found as some hormones in the body. The Chorionic Gonadotropin and Progesterone levels. Common morning sickness symptoms are frequent vomiting or mild nausea. Take a look at these tips to control your troublesome morning sickness.

Morning Sickness

Eat often

Don’t let your stomach rumble! An empty stomach will only make it worse. Make sure your tummy is full and need no food. Keep it fed with snacks such as a handful of nuts or some crackers. You can continue this for every 1-2 hours.

Pick a protein

An expecting mom needs to be powered by high end protein. Protein rich snacks should be by your side if you are a victim of morning sickness. These proteins may give you a permanent relief from feeling sick and vomit-ish. Snacks that include carbohydrates and fats will only make it worse. Make sure you have your high end protein snacks by your side. Yogurt, cottage cheese, milk, nuts and seeds can help you in keeping you strong.

Go sour for sweet relief.

Sour flavor will always be your hero if you are suffering from morning sickness. This flavor can curb nausea. You can rely on that slice of lemon when you are having a sudden attack of morning sickness. A lemon flavored candy can do the part too.

Drink for two.

You should always remember that you should eat and as well as drink for two people. However, drinking for two is not as easy as being said than eating for two. Drinking a lot of water can cure your morning sickness undoubtedly. You can squeeze that lemon slice of yours into water when feeling nauseous. Sipping off some ginger ale and clear soda can chase away your morning sickness too.

Avoid lying down after eating.

This should be avoided by all of you expecting moms though it feels comfortable. This might slow down your digestion and make you feel even more uncomfortable.

Wait a while to brush.

You will be waving to the gag reflex if you brush right after eating. You could try holding your brushing for 30 minutes after eating. Or else, you can brush your teeth 30 minutes before you eat. That way you want wave for morning sickness.

Avoid strong odors.

The amazing factor here is that, the smell of your favorite perfume may twist and turn your belly when you are pregnant. Simply, the odors which seemed harmless when you weren’t pregnant might offend you when you are. This is done by the surging hormones in your body. Therefore, to avoid morning sickness, you better keep away from powerful odors.

Embrace pleasant aromas.

Some odors may make you feel like heaven when pregnant. The aromas of essential oils with peppermint or lemon may make you calm. These can control your morning sickness to a certain distance. You can have a napkin or a serviette with a few drops of those good smells.

Try a motion-sickness band.

These are literally life savers to all the expecting moms! Motion-sickness bands are initially created to curb seasickness. This band will exert P6 pressure on your wrists. This way you will feel no sickness again.

Get your rest.

All moms need a nice rest. Working hard for your family and loved ones is your responsibility. But when you are expecting a baby, rest is a must. The amount of sleep you get per day is highly important. Sometimes lack of sleep can give you an attack of morning sickness. You can try some light exercises and get some fresh air. Walking in your own garden could satisfy both. Continuation of these can cure your morning sickness definitely.

The toughest but the most honored profession of the world is being a mom. There are a lot of sacrifices to be made throughout the journey of motherhood. Sometimes you will have to eat your least favorite food just for your baby’s health. This is why being a mom is not easy at all. But by trying the above steps will definitely curb your nausea or morning sickness.

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