As soon as you hear or see the word ‘colon’, it reminds you of the cancer that is common to both men and women. Colon cancer has been one of the popular cancers among the population recently. Have you ever thought about your colon health? Colon is the main part of the large intestine which you can find at the latter part of the digestive tract. As you think about all other organs in our body, it is a must to consider about your colon too. Read along to know how to maintain a healthy colon. A healthy colon will keep you far away from colon cancer.

1.Boost Calcium

Food is the main source which you can use to protect your colon. Calcium rich food can give you the necessary amount of calcium to keep your colon healthy. Almonds, low-fat milk, dark green vegetables, cottage cheese or yogurt give you enough calcium. All these food will provide you necessary amounts of calcium so that you can maintain a healthy colon. However, males should limit your calcium dosage per day to 1500mg. Or else you will have to welcome prostate cancer very soon. Get these calcium packages by your side to maintain a healthy colon.

2.Seek a bit of sun

Sun provides us a lot of worthy resources. Did you know that sun gives you Vitamin D as well? Vitamin D is what you all need to absorbing calcium from food. It will come in handy and help you grab all the essential calcium to enhance your colon health. Just sitting under the sun for 10 minutes will boost you up with essential vitamin D. However, fish like salmon and mackerel too contain vitamin D. Fortified milk and eggs too will help you in this case to maintain a healthy colon.

3.Eat more fruits and vegetables

Each and every one of us have heard the saying which goes, ‘Eat an apple a day, and keep the doctor away.’ This is not only just a saying. It gives you a hint about how nutritious ‘an apple a day’ is. Same as apple, almost all the fruits and vegetables contain rich fibrous elements. These fibers are all you need to maintain a healthy colon. Colon yearns for rich fiber to help the colon to excrete all the waste collected in your intestines. Fiber rich fruits and vegetables should be added to your diet if you consider about your colon health.

4.Get a B vitamin.

B vitamin that is available in green vegetables, is essential to your colon health. Not only that but also Folic acid too will enhance your colon health. Lentils, collard greens, chickpeas, asparagus, broccoli, peas are some vegetables which you can rely on for B

vitamins. Fruits such as oranges and papaya are rich in B vitamins. Thus will boost your colon health. Making a smoothie out of these B vitamin rich fruits and vegetables is all you need per day to maintain a good colon health. It will not only clean your colon but will also boost your immunity system.

5.Quit smoking

Are you smoking? Do you need to protect your colon from cancer? Smoking makes you vulnerable to many cancers as well. It can cause colorectal cancer. Smoking can directly affect your body’s functioning and will give you permanent damages. However, not only it is bad for your colon it is bad for your whole body. So, quit smoking and follow all the healthy guidelines to have a healthy colon.

6.Try to lose some weight

Being overweight will cause serious damages not only to your colon but also to some of your other organs as well. For example, your cardiovascular system might find it hard to carry out some processes. Hence, consult a dietician to lose some pounds. Losing weight will not only give you a healthy colon, but also it will make you more attractive.

7.Cut beef from your grocery list.

Red meat such as beef and processed meat will be a waving to colon cancer. These will definitely give your colon a permanent damage. You can always choose chicken instead of red meat into your diet. Chicken is a protein package that will give you enough energy to carry out any task. And also it won’t harm your colon. So, why not adding some chicken and cutting red meat from your grocery list.

8.Reduce alcohol consumption.

Similar to smoking, drinking a lot of alcohol will be inviting colon cancer to be seated inside your body. If you are a constant drinker and find it hard to quit, try a moderate way to satisfy your desires. Always remember too much of alcohol will lead you to the death.

9.Keep exercising

Need a healthy colon? Get yourself an exercise routine. Not only for a healthy colon, but a good amount of physical activities is also essential for your whole body functioning. Try to get enough exercise so that you will feel active and lively. This way you can have a healthy colon too.


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