Liver is one of the major and a crucial organ in our body. Some people might damage it with unwanted habits and desires such as alcohol. Liver damage can be caused solely by heavy alcohol usage. This can even go up to the level of Cirrhosis. However, non-drinkers too might face several liver problems. Liver repair can be done using your food that you consume each and every day. Remember to keep away all the fats, salts or sweet food. Those will only make things worse. The other nutrients can make your liver bounce back again. Check out whether you knew these effective ways to repair your live and support it get back into work properly.

liver repair


It is a well-known fact that too much coffee is not good for our health. However, decent amounts of this extremely popular drink will provide you with amazing support for your liver repair. Coffee can also reduce the risk of various liver diseases. The heavy coffee drinkers are less likely to be vulnerable for Cirrhosis when compared those who don’t. What’s more, this popular beverage is also good at boosting liver enzymes for liver repair.

Cruciferous vegetables

Vegetables are natural nutrient suppliers for liver repair. But specifically, vegetables that come from the cruciferous family are experts in liver repair. Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli and Brussels sprouts are some which you can rely on. These cruci-friendly vegies will give you a balanced liver with the detoxification of the liver. The compound called ‘indole’ in these vegetables are born ready to combat with fatty liver disease.

Fatty fish

Fish such as salmon, sardines and herrings can do the magical liver repair with their ultimate healing portion. Omega 3 fatty acids which are in these fish can cure cirrhosis- damaged livers. And also this magical omega 3 fatty acid has the power to fight against inflammatory situations and cancer cells successfully. However, choose fish that is low in mercury levels to avoid liver damage. All the vegetarians can try some fish oil in their diets.


Beets are often underestimated inside a kitchen. But did you know that it is good at liver repair? These are often loaded with antioxidants which will beat cancer cells and boost liver enzymes. Beets can cure inflammations as well. The stalks and leaves of beets too

have the same nutritional properties. But if you really hate beets, you can always rely on beet supplement powders.

Oatmeal and Grains

Oatmeal and grains are fiber-packed food. These are ideal in liver repair and its functioning. Fiber will slow down the dying of liver cells and repair the dead ones soon. These antioxidant rich food are capable of fighting against free radicals on your liver as well.


Did you know that soy sauce can help you in liver repair? It of course is not only a healthy alternative to meat. Soy contains high end protein and help prevent fatty liver. Soy will be able to decrease the formation of building of fat in the liver. Not only that but also soy can protect you from alcohol-related fatty liver disease. Tofu, Edamame and other kinds of non-dairy products contain a rich amount of soy.


Yes, this is the famous spice used when cooking. Turmeric is good when cooking as well as in liver repair. This is not only available in grocery stores but also most of the health stores as well. The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric will reduce heated up liver enzymes. Though turmeric is useful to be used for liver repair, better to consult your doctor before taking this spice!


In order to beat liver toxicity and to boost liver repair, citrus rich food is necessary. Grapefruits, oranges and lemons are some of the citrus food which you can try. These are rich in vitamin C which will create a barrier to the fat formation inside the liver.

However, as citrus contains high levels of fructose, better to consume it in decent levels.

Milk Thistle

This is a traditional herb that has been using for several liver related issues since the past. Liver and gallbladder diseases were treated using this milk thistle. This has a rich level of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Milk thistle possess toxin blocking effects as well. This will help your liver to work back properly after a damage. Milk thistle is abundant in organic health stores as a supplement.


The universal disease treatment. Water will never fail you in situation and in the face of any disease. Are you looking for a way to purify your liver? Well water can help you with that a lot. Staying hydrated is a must and it is not a joke. Water is essential for your liver to function properly. Not only that but also water has the capability to remove toxins from your body. Did you ever think that water being something common will help you in your liver repair process?

Liver plays a major role in our body’s functioning. Cleansing it and maintain its health is a must. Apart from all those methods of liver repair, you can consider about exercising regularly and maintaining a decent weight while avoiding toxins can increase the recovery speed of your liver. So don’t forget to add them into your daily life and enjoy having a nice and a healthy liver!


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