If we ask, what is the most challenging period in your parenting? most of the mothers will say breastfeeding. Because sometimes it is a painful thing and also you have to be more careful about you as well as your baby. Some mothers don’t have enough breast milk to feed their children. With the busy lifestyle with your infant, you will miss your nutrition which helps to increase the lactation. But your body needs better nourishment to keep your milk supply flowing. You can eat nourishes meals and snacks throughout the day for a healthy milk supply.


Foods to increase the lactation

You no need to cook heavy meals for that, since there are many quick and easy recipes with ingredients which helps to increase lactation. In this article, we are going to introduce some foods that boost your milk supply.

  • Fenugreek

This aromatic seed contains an estrogen-like compound that increases the milk flow. Studies have shown that women who drink fenugreek tea three times per day produce high milk content comparing to other women. But the problem id this fenugreek has a risk of increase asthma. So, when you use this be careful about that.

  • Fennel Seeds

This is a traditional milk booster with crunchy and licorice flavor. These seeds can commonly find in lactation cookies and teas. This also contains an estrogen-like compound that enhances milk supply.

  • Oatmeal or oat milk

Oatmeal is one of the famous food that increases the milk content. You can have oatmeal, oat milk latte, or oat-filled lactation cookie, and in many other ways as your preference. This is a whole grain food and whole grains are a good source of iron. Usually, half a cup of dry oats has about 2mg of iron which 20 percent of what breastfeeding moms need per day.

  • Barley and Barley Malt

Barley is a lactogenic compound and also it is the richest source of beta-glucan. Beta-glucan is a polysaccharide that leads to an increase in the prolactin that considers as a breastfeeding hormone in both animals and humans. You can add whole barley to stews, soups, and salads. And also you can use barley flakes to milk.

When the grains get germinated they release malting enzymes which convert barley into a sweet. It also contains lactogenic beta-glucan. When you buy this barley malt, be careful to buy 100 percent pure product. Because some products may contain fructose or corn syrup which makes it dilute and more sweeten.

  • Brewer’s Yeast

This is rich in Vitamin B, iron, protein, selenium, and chromium. Brewer’s yeast has commonly recommended as a breast milk booster and it is often found in trendy lactation snacks. Since it bitter and passes readily into the breast, it may cause gas and fussiness in some infants. So, it’s better to use small amounts into your foods.

  • Pumpkin

Studies also have shown that eating pumpkin also leads to an increase in milk production.

  • Protein-rich food

Protein also helps to boost milk production. You can consume protein-rich foods like eggs, chicken, tofu, and seafood to enhance your breast milk production. And also protein-rich foods can help to keep you full between the meals.

Some herbal remedies promote breast milk production in natural ways. But the problem is those remedies may have ingredients that are not safe, and they may cause some side effects for some people. So it’s better to take advice from your healthcare provider if you suppose to get some herbal supplements related to breastfeeding.

Common reasons to decrease lactation. 

One of the most common problems with lactating mothers is less of breastmilk to feed their infants. There can be many reasons for that. It’s better to meet your health care provider to take some guidance.

The following are some of the common reasons to dwindle the milk production.

  • Stress
  • Not nursing often enough
  • Some effect of medication
  • Come medical and health conditions.
  • Ineffective latch
  • Infant illness.

So the best precaution for this is eating nutrient-rich food which helps to increase your lactation. And also take adequate rest and always try to be stress-free.


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