Are you dreaming of having a toned body? Do you want to get those muscles popping? Then this is for you. Keep reading! Apart from physical activities, food too plays a major role in body building. You can continue various exercising methods along with nutritional food. At this point, you should consider about the quality; not the quantity. Therefore, food that will support your daily nutritional level is essential. Without these nutritional aids, your progress will stagnate.

Muscle gaining is not an easy task. It takes a lot of physical activities and a controlled balanced diet to get to the goal. This is why you should throw away all your unhealthy food. High-protein food, carbohydrates and fats are essential in your journey of gaining muscles. If you need to spice up your muscle gaining process, try adding some of these food into your diet. And of course, don’t forget to keep up with your exercise routine every day!

high calorie foods for muscle gain


High-quality protein, healthy fats and Vitamin B is loaded in these nutritional pals. The Amino acid in eggs are a great aid for gaining muscles. Vitamin B in these are powerful enough to boost your energy levels. This way you will be fit enough throughout your muscle gaining process.


Fish are always powerhouses of protein. Therefore, Salmon is highly convenient to be written under your list of muscles gaining diet. Salmon is charged with essential B vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are masters of boosting muscular health. 3 ounces of these protein-givers plus your daily exercise routine, will drive you fast towards the goal.

Chicken Breast

Chicken or meat always plays the staple food role in our diets. Chicken is naturally a protein-filled food. 3 ounces of these protein-packages will provide you 26 grams of adequate protein. B vitamins, Niacin and B6 will be essential for your active life style. Want to stay active and fatigue-less during your physical activities? Then go have some chicken before it’s too late! Chicken, with all these vitamins has the ability to enhance body-functioning.

Greek Yogurt

Need high-quality protein? Feed yourself some dairy products! But, some dairy products may take you to the weight-loss path. However unlike those, Greek Yogurt will help you in gaining muscles. The fast and slow digesting proteins in this special yogurt, will enhance your health. Greek yogurt is also a good snacking option to be consumed

anytime. Having it as a post workout snack and before bed will make you push towards a good muscular health.


This vitamin-package of fish is loaded with several important vitamins and protein. Vitamin A, and B with B12, Niacin and B6 act together to help you gain your dream muscle gain. Of course, Tuna is filled with the critical nutrient, omega-3 fatty acids. This nutrient will boost your muscular health. Tuna can specifically be a perfect diet for older people to get rid of muscle mass.

Lean Beef

Meat of the herbivores is always highly nutritional. High-quality protein, B vitamins, important minerals and Creatine are packed in beef. Red meat holds the power to increase the lean muscle mass along with appropriate training. Make sure you pick the correct type of beef for your muscle gaining journey, to avoid extra calories. Some beef might contain massive amount of fat and calories while some may contain only a low amount.


These are solid-protein powerhouses. Shrimp contain nothing but high-quality protein, which is why you must scribble it in your grocery list. Just 3 ounces of shrimp will give you 18 grams of protein with 1 gram of fat no carbs. How amazing is that? You can get your daily dose of protein just by having 85 grams of shrimp! Healthy fats and carbs are equally important in your diet. Boost your diet up by adding some of these protein- packed powerhouses to amplify your muscle gaining process. The high range of amino acid leucine, will aid you for a finest muscle growth.


Plant-products will never disappoint you. Half a cup of cooked soybeans is all you need to enhance your muscles. Unsaturated fats, several vitamins and minerals are united together to push up your muscular health. Particularly, soybeans are abundant in vitamin K, iron and phosphorous. Iron is used to deal with oxygen in our blood and muscles. Therefore, to move away from iron-deficiency during muscle gaining, add some soybeans to your diet. Avoid impairments in muscle and body functioning. Especially, young females may have to face the risk of iron deficiency due to menstruation. So, why not add some soybeans to your kitchen?

Cottage Cheese

Not all cheese can make you gain muscles. But, one cup of low-fat Cottage Cheese definitely can. The ample amount of the powerful amino acid leucine is critical for the muscle-building procedure. Each and every dairy product has its own versions of fat contents. Cottage cheese too has a creamy version, with an abundant dose of calories. Make sure to grab the low-fat version for that will aid you in not gaining extra weight. Anyhow, creamy of low-fat; the version depends on the amount of calories you want to add into your diet. Cottage cheese can act as a perfect snacking option too.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is rich in carbohydrate which can power up your physical activities. Eating healthy and nutritional carb-packages like brown sugar before working out will help you feel strong. This strength will let you engage in physical activities harder, without fatigue. Brown rice will stimulate your body to get ready for heavy workout sessions for your muscle gaining goal.

There are a plenty of food which will help you gain muscles. Lots of them are protein-filled packages which will curb your urge to gain muscles. Not only that, those food will make you fit and help you feel active. Consuming carbohydrates and fats cannot be ignored if you want to pump up those muscles. Adding some healthy carbohydrates and essential fatty acids to your diet will satisfy the goal. So what are you waiting for? Go grab your goal!


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