Did you know that there are several foods you can try as your breakfast during your weight loss journey? Hang on tight and keep reading! Skipping breakfast is definitely not an option for losing weight. Why skip your favorite meal of the day when you can enjoy it while losing weight? Breakfast is literally breaking the fast after your goodnight’s sleep. This meal you take at the beginning of the day must be a nutritious one. Embracing your non-healthy cravings for breakfast, will take you towards a bad day. Breakfast is powerful enough to keep you alive and active the rest of the day. It can kick-start your day with a whole lot of liveliness and energy.

Breakfast can never be a burden to your weight-shedding journey. Instead, it can be a great companion to start off the day. You can add healthy food into your breakfast without peeping into fast food corners, during the weight loss process. Food that will satisfy your cravings and will keep you full for a long hours, should be always welcomed. Food that are packed with proteins, high-quality carbs and healthy fats, will push you towards your goal quickly. Snacking should head towards the exit door, if you want to lose some pounds. Here are some healthy breakfast foods which will help you to lose weight. These nutrition powerhouses will provide you with essential vitamins and plenty of fiber. Get ready to jot down these nutritional pals!

healthy breakfast for weight loss


Eggs are always our nutritional pals containing a lot of important vitamins and minerals. These are rich in protein, selenium and riboflavin which will boost your nutritional levels. Eggs are highly successful in shoving away our hangry nature as they reduce appetite. High protein in these small pals will give a significant push to the weight loss journey. Studies have proved that these small powerhouses can give you feelings of fullness. Thus, it reduces the food consumption during the rest of the day. Replacing bagel breakfast with eggs had resulted in losing a lot of weight. It is a plus point, that eggs can be tasted in different ways. They may range from boiled, scrambled and sunny side up. Adding some veggies to the side of your eggs will spice your weight loss journey, more.


Why welcome an unhealthy breakfast while you have these high-fiber but low-calories bananas are here? A single medium banana can move you towards your daily fiber-goal in just one shot. A banana is packed with 100 calories and 3 grams of dietary fiber. Fiber makes your digestion slow and keeps the stomach full. This will make you saying “no” to all your sugary cravings early in the morning. Increasing fiber-packed fruits and vegetables will definitely push your weight down. Studies have shown that starchy food takes forever to digest in your stomach. Resistant-starch containing in unripe bananas will help you to decrease belly fat. Yogurt, Cottage Cheese or Oatmeal are good partners

to be enjoyed with bananas. A tasty unripe banana smoothie too will lead you towards weight-loss.


Who doesn’t like a creamy and a delicious yogurt to kick-start their day? Yogurt is a great companion to be included in a weight loss diet. High protein yogurts such as Greek yogurt will provide you with a whole load of protein. Using yogurt as a snacking option will reduce the consumption of other food in the day. You can say bye to those chocolate and biscuits you’ve been storing. Yogurt will also keep you far away from obesity and overweight. Having a cup of Greek Yogurt with some fruits will make you a healthy breakfast.


Did you know a fresh smoothie could be a substitute for a convenient breakfast? A smoothie is charged with a lot of nutrients that can amplify weight loss. You can prepare a smoothie with any ingredient. You can find a plenty of healthy fruits or vegetables according to your preference. How amazing is that? Low-calorie fruits will keep hunger away from you due to the amount of fiber. Different nuts and seeds too can help in preparing a healthy smoothie. Protein powder too will help you cope with hunger and let you feel full for long hours. This way smoothies will help you fight with your unwanted sugary cravings. But always remember to throw in low-calorie ingredients into your fresh smoothie for best results.


These small powerhouses are filled with essential nutrients with low-calories. Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries and Raspberries are highly nutritional and is convenient to be kept on your breakfast table. These fibrous small bombs contain several other vitamins and minerals as well. More fiber, less hunger! So why not add berries to break your fast? Snacking berries can cause a severe weight loss instead of any sweet treats. Continuation of the consumption of berries will lead you to your goal sooner. Berries added up with your smoothie or your oatmeal will make a perfect breakfast combination.


This small friend is popular in many of the weight loss procedures. The speciality of this little chum is the high fiber and water content. This speciality will be an advantage for your weight loss. Consuming a half of a grapefruit before meals can cause serious weight loss. The unwanted body fat mass and weight will have to leave if you consume grape juice before meals continuously. A nice and fresh grapefruit smoothie too can give you a nice start to your day. However, if you are under any medication, it’s better to consult your physician before consuming grapefruits.


Are you aware of the power of your every morning cup of energy? This energy boosting drink can lead you forward in your weight loss journey. Coffee has proved itself the powers of losing weight. The Caffeine content in coffee boosts our metabolism and aids in fat burning. Increased caffeine consumption has showed results in weight control for a long period of time. Coffee may not be able to stand alone as a whole breakfast meal. But, you can match it up with any other healthy breakfast meal and enjoy an energy- filled morning. This will not only boost your day up but also pave the path to lose weight too. Just make sure not to pair coffee with any unhealthy partners such as sugar and cream!


This small but rare fruit is a highly fibrous fruit making it important on your breakfast table. Vitamin C, Vitamin K and especially Potassium is packed inside this nutritional fruit. Kiwis have an attractive nutritional profile. Kiwis are excellent powerhouses of fiber. Just one cup of kiwis can exceed your daily need of fiber significantly. Kiwis can be included in a high-fiber and a calorie-restricted diet resulting a feeling a fullness. Body weight, Body fat and Circumference of the weight will no longer be problem with these small fruits. Kiwis are charged with a specific type of fiber named Pectin. This particular feature of Kiwis will increase all the benefits where you no longer have to worry about your weight! Kiwis also act as a Natural Laxative. They enhance the movement of the digestive tract to avoid irregularities and to lose water weight. You can slice up these fiber-packed ‘packages’ and add them into your cereal or your smoothie.

Green Tea

Coming all the way from China, Green Tea has been so popular in almost every weight loss processes. Majority of the fat-burning pills or drinks are made out of green tea.

Green tea is a metabolism-boosting and a fat-burning beverage made out of tea leaves. Green tea possess an amazing capability of increasing the fat burning process within a very short period. It could increase the process by 17% within just 30 minutes. Not only that, this amazing tea could also burn calories by 4% over a 24 hour period. You can enjoy this magical drink in the morning using many ways. Squeezing some lemon or sprinkling some honey on to it will give you a tasty cup of a magical drink.


Oatmeal is always a good option on a breakfast table instead of sugary cravings. Especially if you are trying to shed some pounds, then oatmeal can be your everyday companion. This special meal is rich in fiber and proteins and low in calories. Which is why oatmeal is ideal to be consumed throughout your weight loss journey. Oatmeal is packed with an important fiber called beta-glucan. This will help your heart to shield from heart malfunctioning. Beta-glucan is also a good balancer of blood sugar levels

which will prevent amplifying your appetite. One cup of this fiber-rich meal with a one- half cup of berries, will bring you a healthy breakfast. This rich cup of healthy breakfast will shower you the blessings of losing weight as well.

Always remember that, having a healthy breakfast cannot be ignored. It will fasten your progress throughout the weight-loss journey. Preparing a healthy breakfast with the above mentioned foods are easier. Hang in tight, for, you are closer to your dream goal of losing weight.


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