Chest work means working the pectoral muscles. The thorax is the largest muscle in the chest, and it actually consists of a few small muscles that support the pelvic floor muscles. That is including the latissimus dorsi muscle (or “lat”) on both sides of the chest and the trapezius muscle around the shoulders. If you want to develop your chest muscles, you have to do chest exercises. They are, lower chest exercises, upper chest exercises, and middle chest exercises.

Here are some top exercises to increase your strength and volume while supporting your overall daily movement.

chest exercises

Lower chest exercises

For those who want to develop lower chest muscles, you can try a variety of muscle strengthening exercises.

To make the pecs, people can do exercises that work the whole chest. Modified elevators that can use to target specific areas of the chest.

  • The tendency to push
Chest exercises

Pushup is a great multi-purpose exercise. Performing push-ups focuses more on the lower chest.

  • Reject the dumbbell printer
Chest exercises

The instructions in this exercise call for dumbbells, but people can use Barbell instead.

Using a barbell will allow people to gain weight for less. But snails allow a greater range of motion, which may be a better option for those who want to target their lower chest.

Upper chest Exercises

It seems that you can not build a high chest to make a full chest if you do not exercise properly. You think you are doing everything right.

If you have frustrated with how your upper chest looks and want to get symmetrical, full pectorals, check out these exercises.

  • Low-to-High Cable Crossover
cable crossover

Cable Crossover is a multi-purpose exercise aimed at improving the position of the upper chest muscles.

Starting from the cables at the top will focus on the hard head. However, if you change the position of the cable at the bottom of the machine, it activates the clavicle head.

  • Incline Bench Press
Incline Bench Press

To get the most out of the bench press, use an adjustable bench to change the depth of the incline. You can do this upper chest exercise with a dumbbell or use the Smith machine.

Challenge yourself by making a set of one inclination setting on the bench, and then change it to the next. Continue to change the inclination so you can hit the chest fibers differently with each set.

Use a good weight, but does not increase the weight, your back arch will help increase the weight.

  • Refuse to push
push ups by raise feet

Another great upper chest exercise you can do at home is to reduce push-ups. Unlike a traditional push-up, the push-up push raises your feet up.

To make this type of printer, lift your feet up on a high surface, such as a table or chair. By doing this version of pushing you can focus on the upper chest muscles.

Middle chest exercises

We have to admit, there are no exercises that isolate the interior and work on them, but there are some exercises that put extra pressure on your inner chest.

  • Hex Press

Start on a media spot on the dumbbell bench

Snails make contact with each other

Raise your hands up and bring them back to the starting position (continue squeezing the snails throughout the agent)

  • Plate Press
Plate press

Select a weight plate and place it on a flat bench

Move the plate up and down, making sure it fits snugly against the center of your chest

Try to keep your chest flexible. The key here is to slow down the movement with higher agents.

  • Fly single arm chest

Start by moving the pulse to the top, select the resistor to use, and handle with one hand.

Extend your arm and bend it slightly at the elbow

Keep your upper body straight and pull your hand to the center of your chest.

Hold for a second and return to the starting position to complete one agent.


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