Everyone knows that dieting and exercise lead to burn fat and weight loss. But, you may surprise that, you can even burn fat while sleeping.

is it possible to burn fat while sleeping?

burn fat while sleeping

Sleeping behavior or routine can affect both mental and physical health. Disruptive sleep effect holding fat in the body and it leads to gain weight. Studies have found that seven to nine hours of night sleep can burn about, 266 to 342 calories. So, sleeping is one of the best ways to burn fat. But there are some methods to follow on sleeping if you want to lose weight.
Let’s have a look at 7 ways to burn fat while sleeping.

1. Sleep More time

burn fat while sleeping

The first thing you have to do is have better sleep. If you are a person who neglects to sleep, you can’t lose your extra fat. A study done by the Archives of Internal Medicine has found that overweight people get an averagely of 16 minutes less sleep than others. This sleep and weight relationship come with the two hormones called, leptin and ghrelin. Studies found that those who get more sleep have higher levels of leptin which reduce their appetite and lower levels of ghrelin that stimulate hunger.

2. Exercise before bed

There are some exercises you can do before bed which helps to weight loss. One of the best exercises is pre-slumber resistance training. This is a great exercise for fat burning and increases metabolism. Resistance training doesn’t require heavy exercises. It needs a simple weight lifting routine and if you can do it with a casein shake, it is more worth it. This helps to recover muscles constantly throughout the night.

3. Drink protein shake.

Protein shakes are the perfect post-workout boost since they act as muscle recovery. But, if you want to burn fat overnight casein protein is the perfect option. Casein will take about six to eight hours to digest, so metabolism will keep active throughout the night. Due to this process, you feel energetic when you wake up. Researchers have found that casein can enhance overnight protein synthesis while helps to repair and strengthen muscles.

4. Eat less before going to bed.

It is better to eat a simple diet at dinner. So, your body does not need to digest for a long time. Try to eat foods rich with amino acids since it promotes relaxation and sleep. And also protein leads to digest more calories in digestion than carbohydrates. So, this improves fat burning overnight.

5. Make your room dark

Exposure to the light before bedtime can cause serious health issues. Sleeping under total darkness leads to the release of melatonin hormone which regulates sleep, blood pressure, stress levels and body temperature. Most important thing is, melatonin helps to produce brown fat which leads to metabolize calories.

6. Eat whole grains for lunch

Since it’s not good to have heavy meals for dinner, you can have carbohydrates in the day time. Whole grain complex carbohydrate includes with serotonin. And this serotonin converts into melatonin in your bedtime. As we discussed earlier, melatonin leads to burn fat. Further, you can have higher fibre content for lunch and it also converts into melatonin at night.

7. Relax with Yoga and meditation

Some yoga poses which focus on breathing and meditation before bed helps to have a better sleep. Yoga helps to have a stable and calm mind. It can also calm the nervous system while relaxing both the body and mind.

All these things help to have a calm and quality sleep. And you can burn the excess fat in your body.


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