We all are facing a pandemic situation and we have to be protected. Social distancing, washing, sanitizing are some of the main phrases we are hearing as well as following these days. Covid-19 is a serious issue that can affect anyone. But there are some situations that we cannot keep social distancing. Breastfeeding is one of these. What will you do, or what are the procedures you follow in breastfeeding? You can’t reject breastfeeding since breast milk is an essential thing for your infant. So you have to protect your little one as well as you. Since this is a new virus, scientists still studying and investigating this. But so far, there isn’t any statement that this virus can spread through breastfeeding. But you have to be careful when you dealing with an infant. In this article, we are going to state some guidelines on breastfeeding during this situation.


Guidelines on breastfeeding in pandemic

Wash your hands

Washing hands is a very important thing when you deal with others. Even before you touch your baby, wash your hands properly. Not only breastfeeding, every time before and after when you touch the baby, clean your hands. And also when you touch baby bottles or other baby items, clean and sanitize your hands. This is one of the best ways to protect your baby from this disease.

Wear a mask when breastfeeding

In these days we all wear a mask when we go out. Because we have to protect ourselves from others and also we have to protect others from us. But, when you are dealing with a small child, it’s better to wear a mask even you are in your own house. You have to wear a mask if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or even have an inkling that you may have. It’s better to wear even you don’t have any symptoms when you are breastfeeding.

And also wear a mask if you are holding, or talking to your baby. Even though wearing a mask always is a tough thing, you have to bear it to protect your little one from this critical situation.

Move into Baby Formula

It’s better to keep baby formula ready always. If you feel you are not well or, if you recognize any symptom of this, you can give your baby the formula instead of breastfeeding. Always keep baby formula ready and sterile baby bottles on hand just in case.

Pump the Breast Milk

If you are suffering from any illness or, you may feel that breastfeeding can affect your baby badly, you can pump your breast milk and feed the baby. Wash your hands properly and also clean your skin area where the breast pump will touch. Not only you but also you have to sterilize the bottles with boiling water between feeding. Further, disinfect the breast milk parts carefully with boiled water or soap with water.

Risks of breastfeeding in this situation. 


Doctors always advise not to breastfeed your baby or give your infant pumped breast milk if you are taking medication for Covid-19 or any other viral infections. But there is no certain medical treatment for this Covid-19 and also researches have not yet found that antiviral drugs can pass from mother to baby from breast milk.

But there are some issues in milk production from some medications. Researchers have found that some medications lead to slow down milk production and it may difficult for breastfeeding. So it is better to get advice from your doctor if you have any issues with this pandemic.

What can mothers do finally?


Most health experts advise that breastfeeding is safe during this Covid-19 situation. And also some studies show that mothers who have Covid-19 symptoms even able to breastfeed. For example, doctors in China who have treated the Covid-19 affected women who have babies also advised to breastfeed.

But it’s better to be safe if you feed your child. As we mentioned earlier, you can follow the guidelines when you breastfeed your infant. Apart from that, it’s better to use sterile gloves when you touch the belongings and things of your baby. As an example when you open the baby’s room door better to use sterilized gloves. Avoid touching external things like phones, laptops, or anything while you are with your baby.

So, do not worry about this situation and your child. Be careful and be safe always especially when you are dealing with your little one. Always try to have advice from doctors.


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