Not only am I a bald man, but I’m also quite proud of my appearance! But don’t be deceived – it wasn’t always this way, as I used to hate the thought of losing my hair.
When I first noticed signs of male pattern baldness in my late teens, I lost a lot of confidence while trying numerous failed cures to keep my full, gorgeous looks!
I can honestly say that after making the bold choice to shave my head, I haven’t looked back. Not only that, but I’ve come to appreciate the various and varied benefits of having a shaved head, including ones that I would never have considered in my childhood.

So, let’s get this started!

benefits of head shave

benefits of head shave

#1 Male Pattern Baldness or Receding Hairlines are concealed.

One of the worst worries many people are losing their hair is that you’re not so youthful as you used to be constantly reminded. Nevertheless, while elderly men are anticipated to be bald in their 40s, 50s or 60s, it is apparent that it is a far greater problem if it begins in their early 20s, or 30s. Naturally, there are lots of additional ways that men use to try to disguise your shavings or to re-grow your hair, from combovers to Rogaine, special shampoos, hair pills or even transplants, and the trouble is that most of them either don’t work, are unbelievably costly or look silly.

Thus, although you may spend some time and squander your money worrying continuously about your developing baldness, or manage it and choose to make the bald appear rockery. It’s not only the cheapest and easiest approach, it may help you disguise your baldness as well and make your whole stroke appear more manly.

#2 Women will love you

As the bald head is usually linked with manhood and manhood, it is not surprising that contemporary women are appealing to men like Jason Statham. There’s a bit more science behind this than the eyes first met, I was curious to find out, with a bald head that has demonstrated societal benefits.

Social psychology and personality research have examined these in-depth by assessing how women view males with rasped heads as compared to those with complete heads. Briefly, males with a shaven head are thought to be nicer and dominating, but they also feel around 6% stronger and 13% more confident.

Given that women perceive these desired traits more frequently in bald males like myself, this makes them more attractive initially and perhaps more feasible as life mates potential.
It is fantastic news if you have a torn head, but it should also alleviate any trust problems or concerns you may have when you become bumpy.

#3 Makes You Look Younger

This one goes hand in hand with disguising your baldness (albeit obviously much more for older guys than for younger men), but there are a number of men who seem 10 years younger with a shaven head. This may also be owing to the fact that both men and women equate baldness with hardness and masculinity, but the truth is that one of the most significant advantages of shaving your head is that it makes you seem younger. If you don’t believe us, give it a try; we’re sure you’ll be astonished at how frequently you hear the compliment.

#4 It has the potential to bring attention to your greatest qualities.

I was quite proud of my hairdo back then. I was a rock-star blend of short and long hair, with thick locks and a tidy, wavy fringe. But I recall that this was a difficult style to maintain, especially when the winds picked up or the rain began to pour in the autumn.

Many of you will undoubtedly empathize with this situation, and the problem is that a ragged or weather-worn hairdo may soon detract from your attractive features and other aspects of your appearance.If you try to mitigate the affects with a hat, you will likely exacerbate the situation (unless you want to wear it all winter!).

This will be a thing of the past after you shave your head, as you will get a cleaner, simpler look that is lot easier to manage.As a result, you’ll be able to highlight your greatest face features while also exhibiting intriguing aesthetic characteristics like a beard or your natural sense of fashion.I have discovered that growing a beard helps this impact by drawing the attention down and allowing your carefully nurtured appearance to actually blossom.

#5 There will be no more bad hairstyles or bad hair days.

Unless you’re one of those men who spends a fortune on expert salon styling, you’ve undoubtedly had your fair share of terrible haircuts like the rest of us. Still, picture a future in which you never have to pay for a haircut, let alone worry about how it will look. This is why many guys believe that one of the biggest advantages of shaving your head is being able to do their own barbering. It’s less expensive, faster, and the only worry-free DIY haircut available.

#6 You might benefit from faster professional advancement.

You may believe we’ve arrived, however, there have been some scientific studies that show bald males are more likely to advance in their careers. While much of this research was done in the United States, their conclusions are intriguing and well worth considering.

I’ve previously stated that bald guys are viewed as stronger and more dominating, and the fact that shaved heads are frequently seen on men in traditionally masculine occupations reinforces this notion.

Because these traits are frequently linked with leadership, companies are more inclined to carefully examine applicants with shaved heads for top management positions.

This is true whether you are unemployed and seeking employment or trying to further your career with your present company, and it is unquestionably one of the unsung social perks of being a bald guy in the twenty-first century!

#7 Gets Rid of the Hassle of Washing and Styling

Shampooing, combing, and drying your hair has undoubtedly been a fundamental part of your daily routine for most of your life, and, like shaving your face or cleaning your clothing, simply another one of life’s necessary evils that you’ve had to cope with. However, if you opt to shave your head, you may simplify your routine since washing and drying a shaved scalp is much easier than washing and drying a half-head of hair. While it is unlikely that it would affect the way you go about your day, most men are astonished at how much time having a bald head may save them on a daily basis.


How often do you need to shave your head?

The greatest technique to make the nicest cut is with a barber and a barber to keep the barber up. Forrey advises every 3 to 4 weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows. That’ll be practicable shortly, hopefully. But for now good news: it is a little simpler to keep it yourselves once the initial cut is complete.

Does shaving your head damage hair?

When you shave, you lop off your hair at the surface of the skin to allow the dermis to develop over many millimetres. The follicle of the hair does not even realize that the hair is clipped. Some alternative techniques of hair removal may induce hair dilution or baldness.

Is a bald head attractive?

Research has shown that most people view bald men as more attractive and dominant, according to recent studies.


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