Welcome one of the healthiest beverages in the world! Are you looking forward to improve your brain functioning? Are you in search for a magical portion to lost fat? Finding a cancer fighter? Need to lower the risk of heart disease? Well, you indeed are in the right place to find answers to all those questions. Keep reading! Green tea is magical creation for all those questions that trouble your mind. The antioxidants in green tea is what makes it so special and a life saver. Having a healthy and a disease-free life style what we all yearn for. Substitute some green tea with your daily cup of tea and enjoy the nature’s benefits. Here are some amazing health benefits of green tea.

benefits of Green Tea

Contains healthy bioactive compounds

Green tea is not only a hydrating beverage. There are several healthy components in the green tea plant. Tea is naturally rich in polyphenols. These have natural health benefits such as reducing inflammation and acting as a shield for cancer. Green tea is rich Catechin or Epigallocatechin 3 gallate (EGCG). These catechins are loaded with natural antioxidants that will prevent cell damage and give you a lot of other benefits. The natural substances in these are able to decrease the production of free radicals in the body. They protect cells and molecules from damage.

Free radicals help the process of aging and several other diseases. EGCG that contains in green tea is one of the most powerful compounds in it. This has the capability to protect you from various diseases and treat them. This is apparently one of the major compounds that increase green tea’s medicinal benefits. Not only that but also green tea consist of some minerals which will boost your health. Remember to use a high quality green tea as low quality ones may give you unnecessary amounts of fluoride. However, any kind of green tea may keep you away from all the possible risks.

May improve brain function

Who doesn’t need an active brain and a good memory? Everyone does. Did you know that green tea could help you with that? Green tea is capable of boosting any brain’s functions. The caffeine in green tea is the stimulant that is responsible for boosting your brain. Though green tea doesn’t contain caffeine as much as coffee, that amount is enough give you enough health benefits. Besides, green tea won’t give you any jittery effects which occur when consuming too much caffeine. Caffeine is a friend of brain’s functions as it boosts several processes inside your brain. These processes include, your mood, vigilance, reaction time and memory. Yes! Drink green tea to enhance your memory.

Increases fat burning

This is a well know health benefit of Green tea. Majority of the overweight people rely on green tea due its fat loss properties. But, there’s no magical element in it to reduce fat. It just boosts your metabolism rate. This will automatically increase your fat burning process. This will definitely depend on the person and the way they consume green tea. The caffeine in green tea is also an expert in losing fat.

Antioxidants may lower the risk of some cancers

Cancer is something which we all do not even want to hear. The very word makes us anxious and scared. But have no worries, if you have green tea by your side. Cancer or the uncontrolled growth of cells has become one of the major causes of death. The antioxidants in green tea will help you to prevent from oxidative damage. The powerful antioxidants in green tea can fight with several different cancers. These can be breast cancer, prostate cancer or colorectal cancer.

May protect the brain from aging?

Did you know that your brain keeps aging too? Have you heard of Dementia? Yes, dementia has victimized a lot of older people with their age. Did you know that green tea protect your brain from that? The Alzheimer’s disease or dementia is when you tend to forget everything along with aging. Another common neurodegenerative disease is the Parkinson’s disease. The cure for all these is consuming the antioxidant-rich green tea as a habit. The catechins that are available in green tea can protect your neurons though you age.

May reduce bad breath

Are you suffering from bad breath? Do you know the reason for that and the cure? Well, welcome green tea into your household. Green tea has the power to reduce the growth of bacteria and thus reduce the risk of infections. Similarly, the common bacterium in your mouth, Streptococcus mutans too will be attacked by green tea. This way, you will be protected from bad breath and as well as decaying of teeth.

May help prevent type 2 diabetes

The records say that this type of diabetes is raising its head recently. This type of diabetes can raise your sugar levels and will stop your body from producing insulin. Green tea will be a life saver for you if you are a type 2 diabetes victim. Green tea can reduce blood sugar levels significantly.

May help cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular diseases such as heart diseases and stroke has become one of the main reasons for death. Green tea with its amazing health benefits increasing the capacity of antioxidants in the blood.

May help you lose weight

Are you tired of you abdominal fat? Need a permanent remedy for that? Go drink some healthy green tea! Green tea’s ability to enhance your metabolism rate, will make you lose some pounds in a healthy way. If you are worried about your body weight, waist circumference and belly fat, you should probably start drinking green tea. As this has the most amazing health benefit to lose weight.

May help you live longer

Unlike unhealthy and barely nutritious food and beverages out there, green tea is a naturally health-boosting portion. Did you know that green tea could make you live longer? It possess all the health benefits to keep you alive for a long time, healthy and strong.

Haven’t you ever wondered why Japanese people live longer having a long life span? Yes! Green tea is the answer. Drinking green tea regularly, 5 or more cups a day will make you a healthy and a lively person. With all those health benefits that could protect you from almost all the fatal diseases, there’s no doubt that green tea is the healthiest!

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