Water is an essential component for everyone. We can live without food for a few days, but we cannot live without it for a moment. The human body contains about 60% of water. The general recommendation is to drink eight (237ml) glasses per day. It also called as 8×8 rule since 237ml equals 8 ounces. If we can drink this amount of water, it helps to get the following benefits.

benefits of drinking water

Increase the physical performance of the body

You have to stay hydrated to optimize the physical performance of the body. If you lose 2% of your body’s water, it can lead to a noticeable effect of dehydration. Dehydration may lead to

reduce motivation, feel tired, and increase fatigue and changes in temperature control in the body. It’s better to stay hydrated when you exercise intensely and tend to sweat.

Prevent a headache by drinking water

Researchers have found that headache is a common symptom of dehydration. And drinking water may help to relieve headaches. The most common health problem that suffers more people is migraine. Drinking plenty of water is one of the best solutions to recover from migraines.

A study has shown that people who drink an additional 1.5 liters per day may reduce migraine symptoms in their life.

Relieve constipation

A lower amount of water consumption is a risk factor for constipation. This is a common problem characterized by infrequent bowel movements and difficulty in passing stool. Recommended treatment is increasing fluid intake. Increase the hydration is the better solution for constipation.

From various types of fluids, mineral water is the best beverage for constipation.

Effect on energy levels and brain functions. 

Hydration can significantly affect the brain functions of a human. Studies have shown that loss of 1-3% of the water from body weight can change the brain functions. And also, many researchers found that fluid loss after exercise or other heavy work may lead to impair mood and concentration, increase fatigue and anxiety.

Best precaution for kidney stones

Kidney stones are the most common urinary stones that form in the kidneys. These are painful clumps of mineral crystal which form in the urinary system. Since higher fluid intake promotes the urinary passing through kidneys, this helps dilute the concentration of minerals. This helps to reduce the crystallization and form clumps in kidneys. Water also helps to prevent the initial formation of stones.

Can leads to weight loss

Drinking plenty of water also leads to weight loss, since it can increase the satiety and boost the metabolic rate. Slight increasing metabolism may increase the number of calories that burn every day.

Drinking water before half an hour of your meals also helps you to lose weight. Because when you do that, you will feel full, and it leads to reduce the number of calories you take.

So make sure to drink enough water every day. It helps to promote your body functions better. If not, you have to suffer from many health issues. 


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