Are you a fitness enthusiast or ‘gymaholic’? Did you know that there is various nutritious food to be taken before a workout? Read along to find out! Achieving your goals should always be on your list of priorities. Achieving them properly and in a healthy manner is what we all expect. Similarly, having a flawless or fit body is also an important goal in your life. You can work out according to a specific plan and get your muscles tight. But did you know that food to plays a major role in muscle building? Food can either make your muscles strain more or make them fit more.

This is why it is a must to have a good idea about what food you should have before your workout. All types of food are naturally energy-givers. But when it comes to working out, there should be a control in a certain food. Food that can deal with your heavy straining muscles is welcome in your diet. That food should be able to help you recover faster and help you perform better. Find out whether the food you already have in your kitchen suits your pre-workout meal!

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Fast-action Carbs are packed in these nutritious fruity food. These carbs will enhance your endurance during a workout by supplying Potassium. Potassium will give you a helping hand in maintaining muscles and nerve functioning. Go grab some bananas before your committed-self work out on an empty stomach!


Oats can be considered as the ‘King of Fiber’. These fiber components in oats, releases carbs into your blood and boost your energy levels. This will improve your endurance during the workout.


Want to get your energy levels pumping? Try some Coffee before working out! Caffeine or Coffee has a power of keeping you charged full of energy during a strenuous work out. Not only that, but also it has a capability of reducing fat. So, why not have some coffee before working out?

Fruit Smoothies

Here comes the natural energy-giver! Fruits are high-quality protein containers. Fruit smoothies can be the ideal pre-workout snack for you. The protein in these fruits get quickly digested and contains simple and complex carbohydrates. Both these simple and complex carbs help you to maintain a steady level energy during the workout. Go get your favorite fruit smoothie before working out!


Chickpeas is an easy pre-workout snack. It involves no cooking but a pinch of lemon juice for seasoning and taste. A quarter cup of these powerful peas will improve your endurance during an exhausting workout.

Egg whites

Not the yolk! The white. A single egg white contains 4 grams of protein with zero fat. The reason that you should avoid the egg yolk is that the fat in it will slow down your work out. So, why not try some egg white as your pre workout snack?

Dried fruit

Dried or fresh, fruits will always help! Do you have only few minutes before starting your workout? Well, shove some dried fruits into your mouth to charge your energy levels. The simple carbs in those will energize you up instantly. Dried berries, apricots and pineapple are best to have before your workout. A quarter cup will do the job!

Whole Grain Toast

Fiber-packed grain like quinoa and brown rice provides energy in a slow rate but continuously. This energy given will sustain throughout the work out process. Put some of your favorite jam on top of it will increase your energy.

Chicken Breast and Brown Rice

This special meal is to be eaten when you have work out plans in the evening after lunch. This will set you up with a whole lot of beneficial fuel with low fat. Brown rice possess complex carbohydrates that will keep you fully charged. Whereas the chicken breast will provide you with essential proteins for muscle damages and repairs. You can substitute sweet potato or quinoa with brown rice. But make sure you avoid food that will take long hours to digest. Those will make it difficult for you to lift those dumbbells!

Greek Yogurt

If you aren’t Lactose Intolerant, then this is the perfect meal for you to enjoy before a workout. Unlike any ordinary yogurts, Greek yogurt has doubled the protein it has with low sugar. It will boost your energy levels and it will deal things easily with your stomach. Get your Greek Yogurt and start working out!

Remember! The time between your meal and your work out is highly important. If you have a short time before your workout, make sure to grab something that is easy to digest. But if you have time, try something that will sustain energy in your body throughout the workout. Always keep in mind that, exercising on an empty stomach is not recommended at all! If you need to get the best results, you need to supply food to your body. Try to have a complete meal with carbs, protein and fat, 2 or 3 hours prior to your workout.

Having a full and a decent meal is always recommended before working out. You should not work out according to the myth that is famous. The myth that says you need to be with an empty stomach before working out. It is completely a myth and will harm your body. Working out with an empty stomach will make it uneasy for you to continue. Most probably, you will collapse due to the lack of energy. You won’t lose a single pound by working out without anything in your stomach. Let it be running, lifting, cycling, gym work out or home work out, food is a must. Food that contains a good combination of protein and carbs, will power up your work out. Nutritious food is what make your muscles stronger and fit. Who doesn’t want to lift those dumbbells or run those extra miles with so much energy? Well, don’t just wait. Go for your goal!


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